Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?
Any legal resident of the United States who is at least 18 years old and has visited an
Ohio State Park.

When can I enter the contest?
Photo(s) can be submitted starting March 13, 2024.

What are the contest categories?
Parks & People

Capture the essence of community in nature. Show us the moments when people come together to celebrate the outdoors—whether
it's a family picnic, a group hike, or friends enjoying a sunset at an Ohio State Park. Showcase the diverse faces that make up Ohio's outdoor community.

Wildlife Wonders
Freeze-frame the awe-inspiring moments when wildlife takes center stage. Capture the beauty of animals in motion—birds soaring, deer leaping, or any wildlife scene that left you breathless in an Ohio State Park.

Adventurers Unbound
Highlight the boundless possibilities of outdoor activities. From rock climbing to mountain biking, capture the spirit of limitless adventures within Ohio State Parks.

Scenic Landscapes
Frame the beauty of Ohio State Park landscapes in a panoramic view. Showcase breathtaking vistas, rolling hills, expansive lakes, and emphasizing the grandeur of the state parks diverse scenery.

Historic Horizons
Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Ohio State Parks by sharing your nostalgic memories from your family archives. Showcase how our parks have transformed, historic landmarks, or memorable moments that reflect the changing landscape and the enduring beauty of Ohio State Parks.

How long do I have to submit my photo(s)?
The contest will end on May 3, 2024.

How many photos can I enter?
Each entrant can submit up to five photos total. (One in each category)

Can I edit my submitted photos?
No, alteration or manipulation of photographs is not permitted except for cropping, red
eye removal, and/or adjustment of contrast and brightness. Photographs with any
watermarks, writing or symbols of any kind will not be considered as well. Photographic
techniques such as HDR, light-painting and long exposures are allowed.

Can I submit a photo that I used for a previous contest?
No, you can’t submit a photo from a previous photo contest.

What is the People's Choice Award?
People's Choice Award gives everyone that visits the contest page the opportunity to vote for their favorite photo(s). Voters can click on the photo they like and push the
"Vote" button in the lower right section beneath the entry. Voters can submit 5 votes, one in each category, every 24 hours. The entry with the most votes in each category will receive a free night of camping at an Ohio State Park and a 2024 Ohio State Parks Photo Contest Poster.

Can I receive more than one People's Choice Award?
No—a single entrant will not receive multiple People's Choice Awards. If an entrant holds the most votes in more than one category, the prize for one category will be awarded to the entry with the second highest vote count.

When will the winners be announced?
Winners will be notified between June 10, 2024 and June17, 2024.

How will the Ohio Department of Natural Resources use the photo(s)?
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio State Parks and its reservation
management provider, Tyler Technologies, will be able to use the images in perpetuity
for their marketing and communications campaigns.

Do I have to go out and take new photos now?
No, you don’t have to take a new photo now.

You can submit any photo taken on or after January 1, 2023.

You can enter for all categories other than the historical photos category, photos must be taken on or after January 1, 2023.

 Photos for the historical category have no time limits;